We are an artistic oriented agency, creating digital content for companies, producing videos for artists, shooting photo campaigns, curating and promoting events. Our work focus on offering an artistic vision to your projects that will help developing your brand.


Based in Barcelona but with an international approach, we are working on projects for global brands that lead our team to work all around the world. We have helped companies from all other Europe to manage successfull content campaigns and video productions.


Our services range from video production, digital content, photography, art direction, media & press relations and web designing.

Our Works

We share our expertise with individuals and brands from around the world that want to showcase their work from an artistic perspective. We conceptualise for you an artistic vision of your work and project that will meet your strategic goals and reach your targeted audience. Discover our philosophy through our works and some of the brands and artists we work with.


Since 2012 and the founding of the group Moments, we are focused on designing experiences that will last and be remembered. May it be through our travel activities or through our digital content services, we work hand in hand with our customers to offer them a creative answer to their projects.


In 2018, we added a new brand to our collection with Moments Creative. Under the direction of Eliya Akbaş, filmmaker and photographer who previously worked in Paris and New York, we started offering an artistic approach to video and photography productions during events for important international brands. We also work with artists to produce their video clips and promote them through local and international platforms.


Discover our activities and brands and get in touch with us for your next digital and artistic project.

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    C/ Provença, 310, 08037 Barcelona, Spain

    p. (+34) 934 120 150 | e. project@momentscreative.com


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