Again, NoИ Project

Art Direction, Video Production

The Story

An award winning video clip put in relief the portraiture of a lonely young woman living the same routine over and over, trapped in this huge building when suddenly everything will go out of control.


NoИ Project, a rock & folk sperimental electronic musical band funded by Lois (singer, song writer & electronic music producer), asked Eliya Akbaş and Moments Creative to produce their first video clip in Spain but also to reach a worldwide audience through international music and film festivals.


From the storytelling to the designing of the storyboard, every artistic aspect focused on creating a unique visual work of the song. Entirely financed through sponsors and a Kickstarter campaign, Again video clip was first broadcasted at the Art Lover Ground Barcelona exhbition, co-organized by Moments Creative, in June 2018.


Again ended up winning 3 Best Music Video awards (Berlin Flash Film Festival, Eurasia International Monthly Film Festival, DSOFF), 1 Best Director of Photography award (DSOFF), multiple nominations and official selections.

NoИ Project

Directed by
Eliya Akbaş

Barcelona, Spain

Moments Creative