The World of Banksy

Curation, Media Relations, Photography, Video Production

The Story

The newly opened art and cultural center in Barcelona, Espacio Trafalgar, asked Moments Creative to work on all the promotion of the event from production to media relations while creating various digital contents that will contribute to the success of both the exposition and the exhibition center.


After Paris success, expectations were high and it was important to come up with a message that will meet a large audience and explaining the goals of the exhibition. It was also the opportunity to offer Barcelona a chance to discover the mutilple works of a contemporrainian artist who shares a message of peace through art.


An important and regular press communication has been done to offer a nationalwide and international cover of the exposition. We also intervened on the development of different activities to keep the spotlight on the exhbition and its cultural impact on Barcelona.

Condé Nast Traveler


“A journey through his career to be carried away, to discover or rediscover wall works that have disappeared”

Time Out


“The exhibition takes the form of a unique immersive experience where you’ll see more than 100 works by this elusive, provocative, iconoclastic and enigmatic British artist”

National Geographic


“The industrial-looking space of the Espacio Trafalgar and its large superficy is good scene to showcase Banksy’s works”



“A great show made with care, judgement and respect; a true wonder for anyone who has only seen his work on paper… very recommended”

Espacio Trafalgar

Barcelona, Spain

Moments Creative